43 climbs were held across the U.S. raising over $1 million for the FDNY and NFFF.  This year, the National Stair Climb Program became one of the largest fundraisers for the NFFF, accounting for 25% of their annual budget.

The Colorado Climb had over 3500 in attendance and raised over $100,000 for the cause.


1800 climbers helped us raise $74,000. National Fallen Firefighters Stair Climb Program raised over $134,000 nationwide, bringing the total money raised since the program began in 2011 to over $1,000,000.00.


1700 climbers helped us raise $55,000


1500 climbers helped us raise $40,000. Nationally, 50 stair climbs raised $300,00!


Had 1500 climbers. 17 states represented as far away as Hawaii and Alaska. 34 climbs in 3 countries with another $200,000 going to the FDNY from the National Stair Climb Program.


10th anniversary. 35 climbs in 4 countries raising $200,000 for the FDNY Counseling Support Unit (CSU). Over 3,000 people climbed at Red Rocks contributing nearly $40,000 to this cause. Another $10,000 was raised for the West Metro Fire Foundation.


2010 was an amazing success. We had over 1500 participants, with 400 firefighters representing 25 departments from 3 states. 100 volunteers helped-out and the Garlic Knot provided 4,000 slices of pizza and garlic knots. Thanks to you, we were able to raise $17,975 for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. The Kohl’s Department Store in Action Team raised $13,000 for the Twin Towers Orphan Fund. 26 Kohl’s stores from Wyoming and Colorado provided over 50 volunteers for the event. Another $7000 was raised for the West Metro Fire Rescue Foundation. In all, $37,975 was raised for charity!

Summer 2009 – From one came two

The downtown stair climb registered 343 participants in less than seven days. Firefighters from five different states, representing forty-five fire departments signed up. The wait list swelled to over two-hundred, including several dozen West Metro Firefighters. It was quickly realized there was a need to expand this great tradition and fitting tribute. On August 6, with just over one month until September 11th, West Metro Firefighters Local 1309 approved a motion to establish and sponsor a separate memorial stair climb event.


At 0700 we began live television feeds with local morning news media from the top of Red Rocks Amphitheatre and it was clear the event would be a success. Four hours later over five-hundred people completed the climb around Red Rocks Amphitheatre and we raised $6,400.00 in the name of The Twin Towers Orphan Fund.


In just three years the event grew from five to 343 firefighters. Due to logistical limitations at the Qwest Building, the number of participants had to be capped at 343. This number also symbolizes the number of FDNY firefighters lost on 9-11. In 2008, each participant climbed the stairs with a lost firefighter’s photograph to ensure that remembrance was still the focus of the day.


With growing interest and an opportunity to remember and give back, the original organizers opened the event to all Colorado firefighters. Several hundred uniformed firefighters turned out and the memorial stair climb fundraiser was born.


The stair climb moved to the Qwest Building at 1801 California and the solemn tribute expanded to twelve firefighters.


Five Denver area firefighters met at 1999 Broadway in downtown Denver to climb 110 stories in full firefighting gear as a tribute to the 343 New York City firefighters who were killed in the line of duty at the World Trade Center.